Here is a sampling of some of the species we have images or Video of. Please click on the link below to download our complete stock list in PDF format

Underwater Species

*American Eel *Atlantic Salmon *Atlantic Sturgeon  *Diamondback Terrapin *Eastern Brook Trout *Great Barracuda  *Harbor Seals *Lake Trout *Largemouth Bass  *North American Lobster *North Atlantic Octopus  *Rainbow Smelt *Rainbow Trout *Shortnose Sturgeon  *Smallmouth Bass *Striped Bass *Summer Flounder  *Winter Flounder *Yellowtail Snapper

*American Bison *American Black Bear *American Mink *Bald Eagle *Bobcat *Canada Geese *Canada Lynx *Chipmunk *Coyote *Groundhog *Harbor Seal *Harp Seal *Humpback Whale *Mountain Lion, or Cougar *Northern Moose *Northern Right Whale *Peregrine Falcon *Red Fox *Timber Rattlesnake *White Tail Deer

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To receive a quote for stock Photography, or Video Usage Rights, including terms and conditions; please e-mail or fax (781-848-8810) us a written request on Company/Organization letterhead stating the purpose and usage requirements of your project (i.e. Broadcast news story for local Boston market with One Time Rights).

Rates for photography are negotiable dependent upon end usage. All sales include One Time Rights Usage per photograph. Rates will be adjusted for multiple usage and larger stock sales.

Video is licensed at the rate of $600.00 per program minute with a minumim order of $300.00. Rights granted with video purchases will vary per project.

If you do not know what your usage requirements are, please call 781-848-8870.

We will then reply with a price quote for your project.

Stock Ordering Information
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